Santa Isabel, Solomon Islands – Island Talk Tuesday

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Santa Isabel 2004

About Santa Isabel

Santa Isabel island is the longest of all island in the Solomon Island chain. It’s 200 kilometers long! The people of the Solomons are called Melanesian people and they are warm and caring.

How Do I Get There?

It’s located in the south western Pacific Ocean, much where other islands are such as Papau New Guinea and the Steward Islands. The airport, Fera, has incoming flights from Virgin Australia, Solomon Airlines and Air Niugini. Buala is the ferry dock station to visit from other nearby Solomon islands.

 What is There to Do?

Kia on the northside and Dadale Plantatio on the south are the two main villages on the island to explore. There are mountains, coconut plantations, and beaches to explore. Timber is in big production on this island as well. There are six languages spoken on the island. The people are very friendly so spend time with them as well!

Climate and When to Come Visit

There are two rainy seasons that last from February to end May, and from September to end November. Typhoons are usually not an issue for the Solomon Islands in general but always safe to be safe! It’s a warm, tropical climate.