My Home Away Experience in Puerto Rico

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For my trip to Puerto Rico, I wanted to rent a condo to have a more home-y experience. I’ve used Airbnb beforehand and had a great experience with it, so I decided to look into it again. Airbnb lets you rent condos or homes from the owners for a nightly or weekly fee. It’s usually cheaper and you get a place with a kitchen, usually free internet, and more perks than a room at a hotel.

Searching led me to check out different apartments offered through not only Airbnb, but similar sites such as Home Away and VRBO.

condo kitchen

I finally chose my condo through Home Away! Sometimes condos are listed on all three websites, but the one I rented on Condado Avenue in Puerto Rico was only listed at Home Away. It did not have a booking fee such as Airbnb does ($35 saved right there) and the cleaning fee was smaller than others. It was $55 as compared to some other prices I had seen, such as $75-80-100.

The owners were great in communicating via email and sending me a contract with guidelines of how to check in and what to do. They don’t even live in Puerto Rico so they sent their manager to meet me and Adam to let us in. Vilma, the manager, was so nice and she told us everything we needed to know – even the street parking that we could use on Condado Avenue! We used it every night so we never had to look for a parking lot and pay.

condo 2

Overall, the condo was oceanfront, it was a studio, beachy, and super comfy. I would prefer a balcony, but luckily the owners have another  apartment a few floors up that does have a balcony! It happened to be booked during my stay but it’s good to keep in mind for my return visit.

Here’s more shots of the place – if you haven’t Home Away-ed or Airbnb-ed, look into it. It’s free to sign up on the site or use your Facebook login and search apartments.

condo morning

Breakdown – I paid $90 for Sunday and $75 the other nights plus a $55 cleaning fee for a total of $311 for 4 days. Not bad right! Split between myself and Adam, less than $200 for accommodations and much cheaper than staying in a hotel in Puerto Rico!

condo 1

Having a full kitchen was so helpful so instead of eating out for breakfast, I bought eggs, cheese and bread and made home made breakfast everyday. Coffee was at the apartment so that was for free! In the end, the view was the winner. Our window opened all the way so the ocean view was the widest I have had yet at any place.

Let me know your experience or if you’ve stayed at a condo in Puerto Rico too!

serene condo