Scuba Diving in Escambron Park in Puerto Rico

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As you all know, I’m a scuba diver and I look to dive at every opportunity I get. On my last trip to Puerto Rico to the San Juan area, I conducted my research and really did not find many scuba diving agencies or “dive spots” in the area. Majority were day trips to Culebra or Vieques to scuba dive or recommendations were to visit the west and south parts of PR.

When I did visit, I found a lot more diving spots than anyone can imagine! There are reefs in many beaches – including Condado Beach. All you have to do is snorkel and find it yourself. Some forums mention where the snorkeling is best, but you have to venture out into deeper waters. I snorkeled outside my own beach in 50 feet deep water, as opposed to others who were snorkeling right by shore in 5-8 feet deep water. There was a whole reef and drop down corals! Who knew? Venturing out is the way to find these new spots for diving or free diving.

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As I did need a scuba diving excursion planned, I went with Caribe Aquatics. This scuba agency is run by a couple – Karen and Tony – who have lived in PR for about 40 years. Karen took myself and Adam, the bf, on a shore dive in Escambron Park. The park is a marine park and protected so no fishing or boating is allowed.

We were given easy, detailed directions of where to meet Karen. It’s past the Hilton hotels in the Condado area and a right turn after the Normandie Hotel. We got ready right outside our entry point from this part of the beach.



We dove the Figure 8 Reef and saw over 20 different species of marine life – some were squid, starfish, hog fish, angelfish, and seahorses. I have read reviews that the fish follow Karen underwater and they certainly do! We had groups of fish all over us multiple times.


One of the funnest parts was feeding the fish underwater. This was my first dive were I was able to do so, Karen would pass me the food and I would throw it out away from my face. Sometimes the fish would literally try to get into my hand where I was holding the food to try and snatch it from me!

The dive was about 25-30 feet and we dove for over 1 hour! At $65, the length of this dive made it even more worth it!


I would love to return to dive with Karen from Caribe Aquatics again. She and Tony operate day trips on their boat closeby  to Fajardo  – Palominitos, Palominos and Icacos islands. Unfortunately I was in Puerto Rico  for a short time and wanted to fit in a lot of other activities but for a longer trip, I would have gone on their boat!

Contact her at  if you’re interested for booking a dive!


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10 Replies to “Scuba Diving in Escambron Park in Puerto Rico”

  1. I love that tiny seahorse! I really want to try scuba diving.

  2. Sounds like fun although I don’t think I’ll ever try scuba diving myself as snorkeling is enough for me:) That seahorse is so cute!

  3. Looks cool! I have this irrational fear of scuba diving. I just can’t get used to the sensation of being able to breath underwater, I panic and then that’s it.

    1. It happens, it’s not easy! It took me 3 hours the first day of class to be able to stay down in the pool we were practicing in. You can always snorkel though, much safer atmosphere that way if you don’t mind that.

  4. Sounds lovely! I love scuba diving but it’s one of those things that also scares me a little. It’s an amazing experience though, to swim with the fish and see a whole new world underwater. I am looking forward to trying it again! I did my PADI course in Egypt years ago but haven’t dived since..!

    1. You should do a refresher!! It is a whole other world, I only stick to clear water or I get too anxious. Not seeing is no bueno for me. If you did it once, you can do it again!

  5. Looks like a fabulous time and well worth the $65 if you ask me. Thanks for linking up to #SundayTraveler again.

    1. O yes..see you next week!

  6. Katie@From Shores to Skylines says:

    I’m totally hooked on diving!! We now choose places to go based on if the diving is decent or not – haha. Love that flat fish picture! 🙂

    1. I do that too with my bf! It’s such an addiction. If the diving isn’t too descent, it’s still fun as long as we can see. Example – Aruba is not known for best diving but I wouldn’t have missed a chance to go!

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