Culebra, Puerto Rico – Island Talk Tuesday

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On my trip to Puerto Rico, it was hard to choose between visiting Vieques or Culebra. My heart was set on Vieques first as I heard so many personal good reviews from friends. However, with short time and a budget, my scuba instructor got me to change my mind and go to Culebra for the day. When I have more time in PR, Vieques will be my next stop but Culebra was by far more reasonable for me to spend 1 day in.

About Culebra


Culebra is an island off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. It’s quite small – about 11 sq miles only. It’s not far from Vieques either, only 9 miles north of it!

How Do I Get There?

Most visitors stay in San Juan and drive to Fajardo to park and take the ferry over. One way tickets are $2.25 and round trips are $4.50 although you need to know which ferry you want to take back when you buy round trip. The schedule can be found here.

Alternative is to take a small jet over from San Juan’s airport via Cape Air, Air Flamenco, Air Vieques, or private jet.

What is There to Do?


One of the most, and acclaimed for best snorkeling, beaches is Flamenco Beach. This is where I spent my time as well. It’s a large crescent like beach, with space to lay out, drink, play games and go snorkeling. There are two World War II tankers down the left side of the beach as well. The snorkeling is as phenomenal as reports say! Culebrita and Zoni Beach are also highly recommended.


Besides Flamenco Beach, you can spend time in the town of Culebra right off the ferry dock. There’s different foods and bars to hang out in. The Museum of Culebra is found on the way to Zoni Beach and is only $1 admission to view the history of the island.

Or, rent a house in the peaceful parts and rent a car to explore the nature on your own!

Climate and When to Come Visit

The temperatures on Culebra are tropical and hot year round staying in the 80’s and high 70’s. Highest chance of rain or hurricanes are in September and October so check the forecast to see if the ferry or airports close.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Puerto Rico. Culebra looks amazing!

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