Three Reasons to Vacation in the Bahamas

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The Bahamas is an island country made up of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Caribbean. From Grand Bahama Island to Nassau to the Exumas, that is reason alone to visit as you have your pick of where you can go!

Undeniably beautiful and with variety of secluded, private islands to party islands, they also offer everything in between to cater to anyone’s budget. The Bahamas have been featured in many films as well – Flipper, Into the Blue, Pirate’s Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Casino Royale .

Take a look at the top three reasons you should visit the Bahamas and if you can’t come soon, take a peek at it through the movies mentioned:

1. More than 700 spots to visit

bahamas map

As mentioned, the Bahamas have a lot of places to explore. The 700 are not all islands, but you can easily island hop, take sailboat rides, and find yourself discovering numerous cays and islets to play on. Many of the islands have ferries between them too which make 1 vacation turn into multiple vacations. Rather than staying on one piece of land, the Bahamas offers endless amounts of it as it spreads from the North of the Caribbean parallel to Florida’s Palm Beach, down towards Cuba, and east towards the Turks and Caicos.

2. Conch


The Bahamas are particularly known for their conch whether it’s finding them in the sea or even better – eating iton land! There are conch meals and conch shacks almost everywhere and the Bahamians do a great job cooking it up. Any style you want, you can find it. Conch is available in other Caribbean islands, but the best comes from the Bahamas. Take one home as a souvenir as well!

3. Carnival

bahamas party

Carnival is a festival and major party happening always in the Bahamas. Even if it’s not officially announced, you can walk down the streets and it will still always be a Carnivale! The biggest Carnival event is called Junkanoo which begins in December usually and goes through the New Year into January. Not only do you see dazzling dancers in sparkling costumes parading down the streets, but everyone is celebrating this event!

Have you visited the Bahamas and which island did you go to?



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  1. Bahamas looks awesome!!! Have never been there. Would love to visit Bahamas one day!!

  2. I went on a cruise through the Bahamas when I was really young so I wasn’t able to truly enjoy everything. I’ve always wondered what conch were. They sound tasty though!

  3. Great read! Bahamas we hope to get there soon!

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