Papau – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Papau

Many think Papau is to be it’s own country, but did you know that it’s really a province of Indonesia? It takes up about half of the island of New Guinea and is the eastern most part of Indonesia.

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How Do I Get There?

Papau sits to the west of New Guinea and to the North of Australia. There are many airlines that fly into Bali and Jakarata where you need to transfer for a flight into Papau.

What is There to Do?

There are bout 16,000 species of plant so if you are into nature, this island is for you. Lorentz National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest protected area in the Asia-Pacific region Papau has mountains in its’ central region for exploration. Some of the longest lizards reside in Papau too, and there are fresh water crocs! Papau is not complete without scuba diving.

Papua New Guinea Mt Hagen

Jakapura is the capital and largest city on the island. There are about 250 sub groups of peoples and cultures, take time to learn and visit the people’s towns. Hamadi Beach is a landmark with some World War II ruins to see. White Sands Beach offers a small fee to enter , but it is kept clean and pristine.

It’s very cheap to visit and there are taxis, or more like “minivans” that can take you where you need to go. The markets are open every night and you can surely find many artifacts to bring back home. Food is plenty but the choice of alcohol is not so plentiful.

Climate and  When to Come Visit

Papau has a tropical climate overall, with the wet season in late May to December. Temps stay by the beach areas in the 80’s while in the mountains, maybe, just maybe it drops to the 70’s.