Things to Do and See in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Welcome to Jackson Hole, Wyoming – a well known ski and mountain destination of the USA.

Jackson Hole is located in northern Wyoming in a valley surrounded by mountains. The main season to visit is winter, which lasts quite a long time here! Ski season begins the end of November and goes through to the beginning of April.

Snow begins to fall sometimes in October but the temperatures rise higher in the afternoon than you thought! I visited Jackson Hole in Septemeber where the temps rose to the 70’s in the day and fell to 20’s in the night. Inspired by Blake Lively being there just recently before myself and on the cover of VOgue!

Whether visiting during the winter, summer, or in between seasons – there is a lot to see and do in Jackson Hole. Here are some ideas of how to enjoy Jackson Hole:

Explore Downtown

jackson hole bar

Stay in downtown at a local hotel and walk around freely. There are many locally owned stores, boutiques, and restaurants to enjoy. Go to the shooting range and enjoy the spas or grab a bottle of gooseberry wine and watch the stars at night.

Snow Activities on the Mountain

Signal Mountain - Grand Teton National Park - Wyoming

Once the season begins, head out to the mountain! You can purchase passes here for the season. There are passes available for multiple mountains. Skiing is the main reason to visit, but if you don’t enjoy it – choose snowboarding, dog sledding, or snowmobiling.

Teton National Park


Visit the National Park for hiking, lake excursions, picnics, and driving through to see wild animals. Beware driving at night where the animals run across the roads! Follow the speed limit!

Snake River Brewery

snake river

Relaxing at the local brewery, or partying it up, is perfect for a mountain town! The local brewery, Snake River, is two floors with an outdoors! There are over 30 different types of beers brewed and this spot is a great one to watch sports and meet the locals.

Add your tips on what to do in Jackson Hole!