Free Rum Drinks and Tour at the Bacardi Rum Factory!

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One of the major attractions in Puerto Rico is the Bacardi Rum Factory. Bacardi is well known world-wide but the best part is – the visit to this spot is all for FREE!


That’s right – it’s mandatory you do the tour, which last about 1 hour, and it’s worth it. You get driven around the compound and visit different parts of the factory. There are many artifacts from the ages when Bacardi began which you can view from afar or upclose, behind glass of course. We wouldn’t want anything to be lost from history.

From different rooms at the Bacardi Casa, here are some shots below in rooms that you are able to take photos. The tour guide will inform you when photos are not allowed. Bacardi and more bacardi:

bacardi room

bacardi bar

bacardi bottles

After most of the tour, you enter a room with a bar and are introduced to two different aged Bacardi’s and are informed of certain drink recipes by the mixologist. I tried an 8 year old rum by Bacardi and whew – it had a good burn down that throat!

In the end – you drink more Bacardi rum! I held out on one of the best parts – everyone gets 2 free drink tickets when you check in. You can have a drink before or after the tour! If you’re lucky, some persons will give you their drink tickets and then you end up with many drinks like I did. Some of my fav were the Dragonberry Bacardi and Black Cherry.

bacardi drinks

The Bacardi Rum Factory is open 7 days per week. Monday through Saturday,the last tour is held at 4:30pm and the factory closes at 6pm. Saturday’s last tour is 3:45pm.

The link to the Bacardi Rum Factory site is here and the factory is only about a 20 minute ride from San Juan or Old San Juan!

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