Shark Diving at Shark Junction with UNEXSO in Grand Bahama Island

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The Bahamas are known for many scuba diving sites – those that include sharks included! My first Bahamas island I visited was Grand Bahama Island, located on the northern west tip. With only a few hours boat ride away from Florida, you are in shark central.

One of the acclaimed scuba dive centers is UNEXSO in  the marketplace in downtown Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. I took a one day excursion for a 2 tank dive for $109. This included an easy boat ride from the marina, which is right in front of the dive shop and surrounds the marketplace. The boat was very spacious and fit about 20 divers. All divers split into 3 groups – of about 6 each – and went off with our own dive masters to explore!

UNEXSO offers reef, wreck, and shark diving. Training to feed sharks is also offered if you want to try that! I’d recommend actually diving with sharks a few times first to make sure you are comfortable before jumping the gun.

Bimini, Bahamas - Shark Feed

Photo credit by Photodropper. My camera’s batteries were dead and I missed out on taking pics!

When I dove with UNEXSO, I actually did not pay for a shark dive and we went to Shark Junction anyway! After I jumped into the water with my gear, I looked down and could see 13o feet to the bottom where nurse sharks where circling! They were such curious animals, no harm came, and they hung around for a bit until more divers came and we descended to the bottom.

After seeing the sharks, lots of fish, and healthy coral, all divers hang around the scuna shop and go out for a bite to eat and the marketplace to continue the day.

UNEXSO has the perfect location on the Grand Bahama Island and one of the perfect spots in the world to see sharks.

Have you dove in the Bahamas?

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