Tortola, BVI – Island Talk Tuesday

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The British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean consist of 3 main islands and about 50 neighboring islands. One of the main islands visited, and commonly known, is Tortola, steps away from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here are some quick facts of what to know when visiting Tortola or planning your trip.

About Tortola


Tortola is the capital island of the British Virgin Islands and is also the largest. It is 13 miles long by 3 miles wide and is mountainous, which only adds to the activities available. There are many annual events that lead visitors to visit and re-visit.

How Do I Get There?

Multiple US cities have daily flights to St. Thomas, such as NY, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and more. You can also ferry over from St. Thomas for only $50-$60 roundtrip!

What is There to Do?

Tortola New Moon Party

Road Town is the capital on Tortola which holds some of the best beaches, parties, and bars. It’s always welcoming to people and the go-to spot if you want to find a party. The Rhone National Marine Park is open to visitors for snorkeling and water activities.

The Northern coast has the best white-sand and blue water beaches on the island, including Smuggler’s Cove and Brewer’s Bay. Go to the Shell Museum, where – you guessed it, are plenty of shells for viewing.

Sage Mountain is the highest point and has hiking trails for nature lovers.

There are two Moon parties every month held at Bomba’s Shack- one for the Full Moon, one for the “No Moon”. Besides those, Tortola is home to the Virgin Cup, Yacht Show, Regatta, and more.

Listen to fungi – the traditional music and a cornmeal of the island!

Climate and When to Come Visit

Smugglers Cove BVI

Tortola enjoys a tropical climate, with the dry and popular season to come being January onward to April. It’s always a good time to go to Tortola, but keep watch on hurricane and tropical storm alerts from June through October.

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  1. Wow, beautiful pictures. Sounds like a lot of fun to be there.

  2. Wow I would love love to go there and now knowing when to go and the key points it is even more amazing thank you for the info this is such a beautiful place so peaceful and relaxing well not threw the months of June and October lol but hey you always gotta have a little fear in tour system it would be amazing in July at the hottest month we have

    1. Sometimes chancing it in the hottest and stormiest season works out! I’ve been to the Caribbean in June plenty of times when the season starts and had sunny skies the whole time. It’s an adventure always!

  3. Knowing when to visit is really key, thanks for the info!!!

    1. Of course! Now there is a hurricane around the area- Gonzola – hopefully it’s not hitting Tortola too hard

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