Reunion, Africa – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Reunion


Reunion means many things to us – reunions with friends, family or our past classmates, but Reunion in Africa means the island! French is the only official language of the island so come prepared with a cheat-sheet or an app to help you communicate. No public health threats at this island either!

How Do I Get There?

Reunion is located east of Madagascar and southeast of Mauritius. It seems like a far ride for many of us, but it is able to be reached!

The main airport is Roland Garros International Airport located near Saint-Denis (RUN). The easiest way is to get to Johannesburg first, from there is the only nonstop flight offered by Air Austral to Reunion. The last update has been that the nonstop flights are offered on Sundays and Thursdays only. Air France, Air Mauritius, and Corsair also offer non stop flights from other parts of the world.

One you get there, take the Yellow buses, which is the public transportation, as they will take you around the easiest.

What is There to Do?

Cascade Langevin, Ile de La Réunion

Reunion has a lot on the island for anyone who loves nature – waterfalls, beaches, forests, and mountains. Réunion has a mix of Creole, African, Indian, Chinese and French heritage, and much architecture to see. There’s many hiking trails, festivals, and parties on Reunion for everyone. If you prefer to explore solo, rent a car to see more of the island.

St. Denis is the capital of the island and other hot spots to visit are: Cirque de Mafate, Cirque de Cileos, Hell-bourg and St. Leu. You can see the beginnings of the sugar industry as well.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Reunion is lucky to celebrate a tropical climate, and the sun shines everyday! The hottest months to visit are January and February. No storm watch to report on this island!

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