Product Review on Using Simple Sheets and How They Can Be Useful for a Traveler or a Host

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I recently was contacted by Geoff Rowson, the CEO and Co-Founder of Simple Sheets. If you think of sheets, your first thought goes to bed sheets most likely, and that is what they are – with a cool twist. I got offered a sample of Simple Sheets to try out myself and with everyone in mind, here’s my review of them for both travelers and those of you at home!

The Product – Simple Sheets at

simple sheets

Simple Sheets are created for easy bed covering. The way it works is that you put the fitted sheet on the bed, and it has Velcro lining. Put the Strip Sheet on top matching the velcro lining up. The Strip Sheet is similar to a bed sheet, except having to tug it on all 4 corner of your  mattress, it comes with Velcro to simply snap it into place. Walaa – done! When you want to wash your sheet, you simply tear it off as it detaches from the Velcro.


Great For Travelers

My first thought when I heard of Simple Sheets was that it’s be great for travelers – especially those of you who hate germs, dirty sheets, having to think that someone else slept on the bed you are sleeping on, and not having fresh sheets.

The Simple Sheets could be a great accessory to have to take with you. Think hostels, Airbnb-ing, couchsurfing, or anywhere you’re staying whose sheets get used over and over again. If you bring your own, you can easily put them on and know you’re sleeping in clean sheets. They are easy to pack so why not, beach towels take up more room!

how to

Great for Hosts Too!

If you like to host people – anyone, friends, family, travelers, renters – the Simple Sheets can work for you too. Instead of having to take off and put on regular bed sheets, the Velcro does make it easier to set the bed up. You can keep them as an extra pair for someone who stays over or order extra as they are less expensive, yet super soft! Look below to see my Pros and Con’s list.

Positives of Simple Sheets:

They are super white – great color

Wrinkle-free right out of the package!

Super soft as they come in “Sleep Soft fabric”- I’ve had worse, rough, not soft sheets at some hotels!

Easy Velcro snapping on and off

A pillow case, flat sheets, and a storage pocket (which also Velcro’s onto the side of the sheet) comes with the package. You can store remotes, phones, snacks, etc. in the storage pocket.

Package is $59.99! Great price

side storage sheet

Con’s of Simple Sheets:

This really isn’t a con but I did recommend to Geoff to produce the sheets in more sizes and they will be arriving in the future so do check back with their website. Right now, Simple Sheets comes in Twin and Twin XL. Usually this size is what you get at a hostel bed, but may accommodations or pull out couches would need at least a Full size.

I’m keeping my Simple Sheets to use for any guests! If you have used them or do obtain them in the future, leave a comment and let me know what you think of them!

This post was sponsored by Simple Sheets as I did receive the product for review, all opinions are my own. These work for hostels so well!