Snorkeling in Jamaica – Finding the Perfect Beach

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Do you love snorkeling and do you love Jamaica?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to both questions, then it’s time to find you the perfect beach for both on your Jamaica adventure. Jamaica is not known for scuba diving, or the best clearest waters in the Caribbean, but it does have it’s nice share. Here’s some tips to help you find the perfect beach possible for a snorkeling adventure:

1. Location

jamaica snorkel me

The location of the beach is always the most important – on what part of the island is it, are there waves, is it calm, are their cruise ships nearby? Negril has the best waters of Jamaica on the western coast, but it is pricier. If you’re unable to stay in Negril, look to Ocho Rios on the north coast. Many resorts there have calmer, shallow beaches for snorkeling. Montego Bay has been reviewed as the last choice of the top cities for beaches – it’s not as clear and the water is still clean, but more “dirty” in comparison.

2. Shape

jamaica crescent bay

Did you know that the shape of a beach helps it stay clearer? Look for crescent shape beaches where the waves hit the sides and there is plenty of calm water in the middle. I stayed at the previously known Sunset Jamaica Grande resort – it was bought and is now the Moon Palace Jamaica Grande resort. There were two beaches actually, but this was the main one. Look how it curves and how calm it is. Less sand gets picked up and washed around, less silt!

3. Check TripAdvisor Photos of the Water Above….and Below!

jamaica seaweed

I do this for every resort and hotel I look into – I log into Trip Advisor and spend time going through all the photos contributed by guests. It’s the best way to see how the beach really looks because if that’s how it comes out in other peoples’ cameras, it will come out for you similarly. Unless you GoPro it or Instagram. The resorts’ website always looks perfect and it’s not always comparable to reality.

Check out if you can see an aerial view or one from a hill. If you see blue waters all the way, it’s not as great as snorkeling  as when you see the differentials in seaweed and corals. Look for those patches – that’s where the fish hang out!

Look for snorkeling photos or any from an underwater camera too to see how the visibility is. Reviews usually come along with the photos so try to tweek them out. TripAdvisor has dozens so try to read the first three pages, then scroll through the rest and see if there is a similar trend on any positive’s or negative’s.

If you’ve found a great snorkeling beach in Jamaica, leave a comment on where! 

Negril- goers, let me know which beach you enjoy the most.