Majorca, Spain – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Majorca

Majorca   -   San Telmo   -   June 1970

Have you heard of Spain’s islands? Ibiza may come to mind first, but don’t forget about Majorca! It is the biggest of the Balearic island archipelago. It does rely on tourism to survive, and that has not  been an issue in the past few years. Majorca holds something for everyone, whether solo, a couple, or a family with children.

How Do I Get There?

The neighboring island is 6 hours away from Ibiza and 10 hours from Barcelona. The easiest way to access Majorca is either direct flight or ferry. Flights from the UK are 2 hours long on average.

If looking for a ferry, your best bet is to check out Balearia ferries who provide transportation from the mainland.

What is There to Do?


Learn some Catalan while on the island! That is the official language of Majorca, as well as Spanish.

Palma is the capital of the island where the city life exists. One of the highlight is seeing a 14th century old gothic cathedral located in the city centre. There also seems to be a Pirate’s Adventure show I keep seeing pop up in reviews and on TripAdvisor. Check out any basilicas, churches, and architecture you can. Majorca has a lot of restaurants and bars so it will not be hard to find entertainment or food.

Majorca has two mountain regions to enjoy. he Cultural Landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Beaches are plenty, but check the climate as winters do get cold!

Fun fact – There are over 4 million almond and olive trees in Majorca!

Climate and When to Come Visit

The climate is Mediterranean, meaning hot summer, but mild springs and winters.  The temps may drop to the high 40’s at night in the winter and remain in the 50/60’s throughout the day. Summer is peak season since it’s the hottest then to enter the waters!