Wearing the Mindshift Gear Rotation 180° Travel Away Backpack

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Travel suitcases, bags, and backpacks – there’s tons to choose from. I always go for the roller carry-on bag and my purse. I really don’t aim to check bags and try to keep everything close to me.

Which is why I was so happy to finally try out a travel backpack – specifically the MindShift Gear Rotation 180° Travel Away backpack! I got that specific model sent to me to try out and after taking it with me on my 4 day trip to Bermuda, I really enjoyed using it.

mindshift gear main photo 1

There are 4 types of styles on the MindShift Gear website that you can view here. They are similar but of course, have differentials depending on what you’re packing. If you are bringing a professional camera or hiking, one of the other models will work better as you can pack more. The Travel Away model I received works well with light packing.

How Does It Work?

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You might be asking yourself “What is this rotation 180° mean?”. Simply, underneath the backpack, there is a hidden compartment on an integrated beltpack that can rotate 180° to the front for easy access. It is hidden when it is rotated to be on your back, so no one can try to pickpocket you or unzip your bag. If you need to grab your Passport, camera, wallet, jewelry, or anything of value, rotate the compartment to the front without taking the backpack off. It’s easy and super safe!

Positives of Use

mind shift on beach

The great things about the MindShift Gear 180° Rotation Travel Away Backpack (besides the amazing integrated beltpack) include:

– Safety of your belongings is super high! No one can access the hidden compartment.

– Super light – I packed it up and hardly felt any weight on me

– Easy access – never had to take it off to get access to my most valuable belongings

– It fits a lot of gear!

– The zippered compartments are deep

– Colors are great, I got the charcoal. It also comes in Twilight Blue.

– Comfortable, including the straps

– Easy to put on and adjust

– Fits underneath the seat in front of you on an airplane

mindshift under seat

Negatives Noted

It’s hard to find negatives with the backpack but there are two I am sharing:

– Price is a bit high, these backpacks retail for $200. While it may not seem like a lot to many and is a great investment, many budget travelers will not be using their spending money on this. They can be a great new set of clientele if prices lowered or there were seasonal sales.

– More colors – I love the charcoal because it’s easy to coordinate it with my outfits, but I always prefer black. Some of you might love pink or prefer a different color, so more of a selection would bring about a positive if there were a variety of colors to choose from.

mindshift secret package

Overall, the MindShift Gear Rotation 180° Travel Away backpack is worth having! If you’re looking for adventure and to not carry around a purse, this is a great travel accessory to have.

mindshift in bathroom

I received this item for free for review purposes from MindShift Gear but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the review! I have one of these myself and it’s the best backpack! Thanks for sharing! Meg @ Mapping Megan

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