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My trip to St. Davids’s Island in Bermuda was so much fun. Many tourists might not make it there as it’s further from the resorts but you all should!

Taking you all back to Bermuda to St. David’s Island which lies on the east end and connects to the main island!

About St. David’s Island

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St. David’s Island is one of the two islands that make up St. George’s Parish in eastern Bermuda.  It is connected by the “Causeway” which is the bridge and sort of like a version of an expressway. Bermuda has very narrow roads, one lane each way, so the Causeway is one of the biggest roads to cross in between parts of Bermuda. St. David’s used to be a separate island until the 1970’s.

Now, it is one of the main attractions to drive through when visiting Bermuda. It’s about 650 acres too, much to explore!

How Do I Get There?

Simply from the airport, you’re on St. David’s already! Continue to go east to enter the town of St. George or west to go across the Causeway.

For arrivals from cruise ships, since they dock at Naval Dockyard, you will have to ferry over to the east end or rent a scooter. It’s complete opposite ends of the island from the cruise ships so it may take you 1-2 hours.

You can also take bus route #6 which starts from St George’s Town for St Davids.

What is There to Do?

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St. George’s Parish is beautiful in itself with houses on top of hills and water surrounding the island everywhere. There is shopping and tons of walking around to be done.

The second lighthouse lies on St. David’s Island – also named after St. David. It’s not open everyday unlike the more commonly visited Gibbs Lighthouse, but it is a beauty to see!

Clearwater Beach is great to visit – it is clear and snorkeling there is great! You’ll see lots of variety of fish, maybe some barracuda, and coral. Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve is right next to Clearwater Beach and provides 12 acres of nature and walking.

st. davids snorkeling

Climate and When to Come Visit

Bermuda has a sub-tropical climate and it’s location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean unfortunately does not keep the island at 80’s year-round like the Caribbean.

High season is June-September when it does get hot. Afterwards, the temps start to dip into the 70’s and 60’s. The low’s are in January and February when it may just be 60 degrees in the day. If that’s perfect for you, then great. If you want more sun, tanning, and to swim without a wetsuit on (you will need one), then visit during the summer months.

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