The Beauty of Bermuda Post Hurricane Gonzalo

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Hurricane Gonzalo did damage to Bermuda. It really did and repairs are still being made. When I arrived a little over 1 week of Gonzalo’s passing, the island of Bermuda was greatly cleaned up in some spots, and others were left to be taken care of.

The main beaches of Horsheshoe and Church looked as if they weren’t touched, yet Tobacco Bay looked like it got run down. There is never seaweed there apparently but it was covered, as well as garbage in the corners. Sometimes, I’d get a small woof of dead fish, which was from the hurricane.


There were a lot of over-turned boats which was really sad. Many would be in the middle of the marinas untouched or brushed upon the shore. Boats from the Naval Dockyard were taken out of the marina and put on land with blocks beside them. Seeing a boat in someone’s front yard is not normal.



Some houses had partial roofs torn off too – more repairs to be done.

Overall, seeing Bermuda in the condition it was as a visitor, I thought there was a great job of cleaning up. If a tourist came and mainly stayed in the hotel grounds, they’d probably hardly notice. Driving around though, you see what really occurred as you go through the island.


Hopefully another hurricane won’t hit Bermuda and that everyone will be safe! Bermuda is too beautiful to be destroyed by nature’s ferocious attitude.