Drooping Palm Trees and Beach Bars at Lindbergh Bay, St. Thomas

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Ah, St. Thomas. I can’t get over it! I have never been disappointed by an island – I love them all – but I truly had more fun in St. Thomas that I expected. And I traveled there solo!

My first stop literally after dropping my bags, jumping for joy in my hotel room, and changing into beach gear was Lindbergh Bay Beach, sometimes also referred to as Emerald Beach. It is located 5 minutes from downtown Charlotte Amalie and on the east side of the airport.

The beach is wide and nestled behind a luxurious garden. Walk through this pathway to enter!



My favorite part of Lindbergh Bay was the drooping palm tree. This is total postcard comes to life! I took a dozen pictures to keep the memories alive and you should too if you ever see such a tree in real life.


There are two hotels on the beach – The Island Beachcomber and the Best Western Emerald Resort. I stepped onto their grounds, as the beaches are free to the public, They were both were set up nicely with balconies, outdoor seating, rental shacks for water activities, and most of all – beach bars!


I found a beach chair in the middle of both beach bars and tried them both out! The Island Beachcomber has an awesome, marble top square beach bar. Their rum drinks, Painkillers, and apps were outstanding. I ran over to the Best Western beach bar too earlier in the day which was more “poppin’ ” when it was light out. Great drinks too, and in the form of a smaller, cozier circular bar.


So..how was the water at Lindbergh Bay you may ask? It was super warm, with super soft sand, clean and an amazing view on both ends.


The snorkeling was rated as “Good”via reviews I read online, yet I visited in the later part of the afternoon and found it to be “Ok”. I gave this rating as the waters do get siltier after everyone plays in the ocean and the tides change but I did come across some fish and shells. No coral reefs were found when I went about 50 feet out , although they probably do exist. If I snorkeled first thing in the morning, I believe I would have had better visibility (it was about 30 feet at 5pm when I went).


There aren’t too many people at Lindbergh Bay. Most are the visitors at the two hotels and some locals. One of the reasons I mentioned earlier in this post that I had more fun than expected, is because the locals in St. Thomas are so friendly! They chat with anyone and everyone. Knowing that since the USA owns the USVI, I didn’t think they’d be so friendly to travelers. I’d never been so welcomed in my entire life, from day 1 when stepping off the airport to getting a free ride by a local to the airport.


Lindbergh Bay is a great spot to relax and chat it up, with locals and tourists.  I ended up staying there until 10pm enjoying the beach bar and making new friends! When you exit, have a taxi number handy if there is no-one at the beach kiosk exit to help you find a cab. They come in 1-2 minutes due to its’ close location to the airport.

What did you think of Lindbergh Bay if you visited?