Happy Birthday to a Traveler – Aging in a Positive Way

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Happy birthday to me! I’m 28 now and I’m happy to be.


Aging can be a positive thing- you become wiser, you learn more, you make more money, and with time you visit more destinations!

Aging doesn’t have to be a downer, as long as being 80 doesn’t come too quick! Take each year and each day one at a time. It’s so easy to jump ahead and start planning out your future. I do it all the time, but not with marriage or babies or where I want to be in my job.

I extend myself to planning out where I want to go in the next 30 days, which has turned out to be great considering it’s more last-minute than planning 3-4 months out!

From my birthday wish list last year, I did get to go to Puerto Rico, and the other destinations I had planned in my head are still on my to-visit list. Things changed – you all might have read my posts back in the transition of careers and turning into a flight attendant. So some travel dreams were put on hold, but now it’ll be easier than ever to make them happen. I love my new career and my new lifestyle.

To every traveler, whether you travel for yourself, for your blog, or for work – enjoy it and stay young through it! It keeps the soul happy and I feel like I have the energy of a teenager again.