Tips for Traveling Solo in St. Thomas, USVI

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Is it safe to travel around St. Thomas, or any island solo? For almost all islands – yes, unless you blatantly are not careful.


St. Thomas is very safe for solo travelers, yet the country has its’ problems like any other destination in the world. As a traveler or a tourist, you probably won’t hear about any of them and you might not even notice when you’re out and about.

Some Dangers I was Told Of Through Tourism Reviews and By Locals:

-After midnight, don’t wander around downtown Charlotte Amalie by yourself, especially one block back from Main Street where the jewelry stores are.

– Don’t go deep into the hills by yourself, at night, and be cautious or other barren streets.

– “By all means”, don’t go to Blackbeards Castle or 99 Steps by yourself.

– Be careful of alley ways when you’re alone, especially if no one else is there.

– There may be some drunk bums lingering around

– There may be some mad people out who curse and loiter.


These things didn’t scare me as there always is some truth and some falsity. It’s not that St. Thomas has these “so called dangers” 24/7,. If you notice, these may sound common to other destinations’ dangers or they occur after midnight.

As a solo traveler in St. Thomas, I actually felt very safe and welcomed! Never have I been so be-friended by locals,  I hung out with multiple of them! I didn’t stay out till past midnight either. I’m a “day person” so I was heading back to hang out at the hotel around 10-11pm.


I wandered into some of the hilly streets in the day, and there was always a store or someone else on the path. I went to Blackbeard’s Castle and 99 Steps all by myself (although I did leave my wallet and ID at the hotel room just in case). Nothing happened to me! There were many locals and other solo travelers exploring the grounds too. It was sort of “dead” since I did not go during the Open Hours of the castle, but very safe. No one lurking or “trying to push you down the stairs” as one person stated. Maybe that was back in the day?


The alleyways in downtown are so busy in the day and night so that was not a concern of mine. I even went further past the stores into alleyways that had no entrances into stores, and I ran into chickens, not criminals.

Sure, I did see some bums and screaming persons here and there around downtown, but they didn’t come towards me or the other tourists. They either sat in their spot with a sign begging more money or were screaming to themselves not even looking at anyone else.


Locals told me that the rest of the island is basically safe, since Charlotte Amalie is the main city and where most of the tourists spend their time if not on a beach resort.

It is totally safe, but I would recommend keeping your money at home or hiding it on a money-belt or inside pocket of sort when you go to Blackbeards Castle and 99 Steps. If it is not busy with other persons, you will feel more comfortable not having your money accessible. It’s a self-conscious thing to do to enjoy it more.

How was your experience in St. Thomas if you explored? Solo or with others?

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  2. I have never been, but it seems GREAT! Especially wonderful to know that it’ safe for solo’s.

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