Free to Pee: On the Islands and Beaches When NOT in the Water Using the Go-Girl

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How many of us have had to pee in the beach and just went in the ocean? Raise of hands…ok that’s about everyone!

Peeing in the ocean is wonderful. No one can see it, you’re already wet, and you don’t have to wait in line for the bathroom. Although sometimes, you just can’t go.

I’ve had multiple times when I didn’t or couldn’t go into the water- too cold, jellyfish, too big a rip current etc. The lines have been so long too at the restrooms. While adventuring on an island too, it’s hard to find a restroom and you need to go somewhere…

A helpful product I received was the Go Girl – a female urination device. You may have seen me raffle one off at my last giveaway and also read my CEO at Go!Girl Guides review on the use of it. It’s interesting…read on!

What’s a Go Girl?

go girl product


It’s a device that looks like this and helps you pee standing up. To be frank – I think it’s like peeing as a male. One easy stream at a time and no squatting!

The Uses of Go Girl

go girl tube

You can use Go Girl for any adventure – particularly when there is no bathroom in site, adventuring, or as a better version of popping the squat. To get more detailed, think skiing, in the woods, behind a bush, in the car, camping, or when you see that dirty public bathroom that you absolutely will not go in.


go girl instructions

The Go Girl is very easy to use and it comes with an instruction booklet. You generally hold it to your body angle without too much pressure with your middle and thumb nail, or watch the video as shown here on their site. It’s economically friendly as you can store it in a pouch and wash it with soap and water.

Trial of Go Girl on the Island


My friendly Go Girl came with me to the beach in the USVI, where there aren’t many public bathrooms on the beaches or hills. You have to walk to the hotel facilities for the most part or stop by a tourist spot.

Well, it got dark and I was at the beach late. Darkness comes in favor when “needing to go” so let’s say the Go Girl worked well in that scenario. You can definitely be very sneaky with it, just make sure you don’t use it on the beach where there are security guards such as the Dominican Republic!

One last thing Ladies – the angle is mastered almost automatically. No unintended mess let’s say!

Have you tried the Go Girl?

I received this item for free for review purposes from GoGirl but all opinions are my own.