What to Do in St. Thomas When it Rains

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Rain in paradise – one of the worst things ever to happen when you’re on vacation or traveling short-term!

Everyone prays for perfect weather when they go away, but as we know it, Mother Nature comes to play. Destinations need rain and it comes eventually, even if you happen to miss it.

One of my days in St. Thomas turned out to be downpouring. The locals stated that it hasn’t rained this hard in 1 year! It was not the occasional rain storm that passes either. It was cloudy and raining all day and it stopped maybe around 4pm. Ghost-town it was not although many people did stay indoors.

So, what is there to do in St. Thomas on a rainy day?

Go Rum Tasting


One of the easiest things to do on an island when its a rainy day is find a bar. In St. Thomas specifically, head to Bones Rum which is located in Charlotte Amalie.

There, you can sample different rums and pour your own rum drinks. This specific spot was very busy and it will keep you dry since it is indoors.

If you want to watch the weather and not be in a dark room, venture out to another hotel’s bar for cocktails or happy hour menus. People watching goes hand in hand and most likely there will be others looking to spark up a conversation with you. It beats sitting in a room and you can watch the weather in case it does stop raining. The waterfront in Charlotte Amalie or any hotel has an outdoor bar so go out and find yourself a seat.

Go Snorkeling or Diving


If it’s not torrential rains where excursions are canceled, the rain brings in more marine life supposedly for a better snorkel or dive! Plus, you’re going to get wet anyway so you might as well do it in the ocean. I saw about 5 sea turtles out the day after the storm too.

The best spot to go for sea turtles – Brewer’s Bay! My other favorite beach is Lindbergh Bay.

Chat with Locals


When you’re outside walking or trying to find something to do, spend time with the locals. They are super friendly and from the few I’ve spoken with – they hold very great conversation for hours! Even the schoolchildren were chatty on my walks through the city.

If you can, try to make it to Frenchtown, which is not far from Charlotte Amalie. It is a more family friendly environment where the business owners enjoy telling the history of their upbringing and their lives on the island.

Grab the Bus to Tour the Island


This may be obvious but don’t shelter yourself indoors all day. Go for a walk, grab a poncho or an umbrella or get soaked. There’s always the outdoor bus that can make it a bit more dry.

If you see this free shuttle which is pictured above, snag a ride to the shopping area near the cruise terminal. You can also pay for a taxi which is easy to find in the city.

Shop ‘Till You Drop


There is so much shopping in St. Thomas, especially in Charlotte Amalie near the waterfront. You do not need to go to the cruise terminal. Stick to the streets in downtown by Dronningens Gade, Veterans Drive, and Espaniole. There are indoor shopping malls off the side roads and many jewelry stores.

Locals and visitors also like to use the rainy days to ferry over to St. John’s to Cruz Bay for shopping, granted the ferries are not canceled. You can window shop for hours on end.

Indoor Fun


I’m all about outdoor fun but yes, if it’s bad outside, have a lovely day in your hotel room or wherever you are staying. Order in some food, try to watch some local TV, browse through your photos or search online for more ideas. Read a book, look into what other tours you can do on the island, and enjoy planning out other days of your vacation. If you have a balcony or patio, sit outside or at least leave the window a bit open for that fresh, rainy air!

How would you spend your time on a rainy day in St. Thomas?