Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Cayman Brac


Cayman Brac is the smallest of the Cayman Islands in the western Caribbean. Most of you know Grand Cayman where most of the resorts are, and Little Cayman too.

Cayman Brac is only ~1 mile wide and 12 miles long. It’s quite small but it has plenty to enjoy.

How Do I Get There?

To access Cayman Brac, you need to fly Cayman Airlines from Grand Cayman or Miami. It’s a short flight, an hour or less.

What is There to Do?


Cayman Brac first of all has a cool name. The “Brac” name comes from this limestone outcrop called “Bluff” which lines the country. There are many walking and nature trails along the island to explore the rock formations.

One of the best reserves to see is the Parrot Reserve. Along the birds’ homes, you can do more walking along the trail and experience the rocky environment. Bring proper walking shoes!

What Cayman Brac is most known for is scuba diving. There are sites all over to dive and many sunken Soviet Union naval vessels to explore.

Caves exist in multiple spots in Cayman Brac and due to the marine life, fishing is up for pleasure or game.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Cayman Brac is a tropical climate island, with the Hurricane season in May through November. It has a slightly lower chance of being hit due to it’s western location as most hurricanes make it up past Florida before getting to the Caymans.

The sunniest and most clear weather is January through April.