Wearing the Hip Hugger by Petal & Stem – Product Review

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When setting off for my solo trip to St. Thomas, I received the Hip Hugger by Petal & Stem to wear on my solo adventure. I always used to carry a purse with me and haven’t traveled solo much at all in the past, so I was curious to try something a little more safe. I knew sometimes I would wake up super early to go sightseeing or walking. Other times, my feet would take me wandering into places where I was alone.

What is a Hip Hugger?

hip hugger



It’s a belt hand- made out of fabric that one wears around their waist. It can be worn above clothing, or underneath for protection. There are pockets for easy access to credit cards, phones, and other small items you may use frequently. There are also hidden pockets that no one (except you) knows about.

The Hip Hugger is cute and I loved that the fabric was soft. There are multiple designs and sizes to choose from, so you can really get one that is “your color” or “your style”.

Here is me getting ready to go out in the island on my own! I did leave my wallet at home and only took small cash and a camera into the Hip Hugger. Nothing happened to me fyi.



– Variety in choices

– Variety in sizes

– Not metal, fabric is so much softer!

– Can be a fashion statement if worn above clothing

– Safe for yourself and peace for your mind

– There’s also a choice of different snaps!

– Can be worn for variety occasions and reasons – solo travel, jogging, gardening, pool, hiking etc.


I think I got a size too big! The Hip Hugger snapped on me, but I could have gone a bit smaller to have a more secure fit. Maybe one more snap in place? It stayed on me fine, by no means was it falling off, but I wish it laid tighter around my waist.

There are 3 sizes so not to worry!

I received this item for free for review purposes from Petal & Stem but all opinions are my own.