Cabanas, Intimacy, and Serenity at Delray Beach, Florida

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Remembering back to my multiple visits to Florida, I’ve wanted to share for some time that my absolute favorite beach so far has been Delray Beach! It’s about a 45 minute drive north of Miami and 20 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale.

Why do I love it so much? First off, it’s not packed like South Beach or Miami and you don’t have tons of drunk 20 year olds. It is an older crowd, let’s say mature 20 year olds and up, but not all retirement like Boca. It is calm, peaceful, and totally romantic. Sunsets are beautiful and the atmosphere is intimate rather than raging party.

Delray Beach begins with a cute, naturistic entrance before your toes hit the sand.

delray entrance

Then you’re on a wide, clean beach! Complete with cabanas you can rent as an option. They cost $30 per hours or you can rent 2 lounger chairs for $10 per hour.

delray beach

You don’t get hassled to purchase goods or get into a club VIP style (this constantly goes on in South Beach). You can relax and every time I have visited, there are fish near the shore that are very playful. They actually have given my ankles a bit of a suction or lick- I guess they like the way we taste! Snorkeling is pretty good, not much coral by the shoreline but lots of fish, sand, and shells.

delray beach nibbly fish

Entrance onto the beach is free and afterwards, Boston’s on the Bay is right outside the entrance for drinks and snacks. A perfect chance to spend a relaxing day on a calm, Florida beach!

Share if you’ve been or if not, this is a great alternative beach to visit!

delray beach me in water

12 Replies to “Cabanas, Intimacy, and Serenity at Delray Beach, Florida”

  1. I like finding alternate spots such as this one, nice pics!

  2. I haven’t been to Florida for beaches… but this sounds like it would be really relaxing! If I end up in the area, I’ll be sure to check it out!

  3. nonstopdestination says:

    This looks pretty. I wish I could take some days off and fly to Florida right now. I’m in need of some beach time!

  4. Haven’t been to the US yet but I can imagine how the beaches over there are amazing. 🙂 Great photos!

  5. uncoveryours says:

    Yes, this will do nicely! What an escape! It’s always a good idea to find solace outside of Miami.

  6. Looks like a great place for a day trip to the beach!

  7. I would do anything to be in Florida right now! It’s minus -30 here this morning in Toronto and I am just dreaming of laying on that beach!

  8. Angelica, it sounds like a lovely place to just relax and enjoy the beach. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I sometimes forget about the beauty that Florida has. On first thought I always discount it but the Keys in particular are like another world. Delray is nice too, less busy than so mny of the beaches there!

  10. Now that looks beautiful and it looks so warm! I could definitely do with a beach right now!

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