Trunk Island, Bermuda – Island Talk Tuesday

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As you may have  noticed by now, I am in love with Bermuda and thoroughly enjoyed my stay there. I just so happened to see my Couchsurfing friends took a trip to Trunk Island so I had to look into what and where this is.

Trunk Island


Trunk Island in Bermuda is actually the biggest island off Harrington Sound. It is located in the middle and is ~~65% privately owned, but the grounds are up for sale! A nature paradise off the mainland, but quick with access to and from, these 7 acres of island life will make it feel like heaven.

How Do I Get There?

Coming from mainland Bermuda, you need to take a boat to access Trunk Island. You will need prior permission from the Bermuda Zoological Society to visit. They run regular visits to the island.

What is There to Do?

Trunk Island is privately owned (partially) with a mansion plot and a cottage plot. It is up for sale if you are interested!

The main attraction is Trunk Bay Beach, which is small but offers great views of Hamilton across the water. A visit to Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club is usually part of your day itinerary if you don’t spend it on the beach. Swimming and nature walks are what you do on Trunk Island besides relaxing.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Bermuda is warmest in the summer with temps in the 80’s. After the summer season of June-September, the temperatures begin to drop to the 70’s and 60’s in winter. The water does cool down but it will feel super warm to anyone coming from a winter season.