Where to Stay in Utila, Honduras: Choosing a Dive & Beach Hotel

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Utila is one of the scuba diving havens out there. If you don’t scuba, there’s not much else for you to do on the island unless you own a hotel, restaurant, or a boat. Either way, you gotta love the ocean!

There are numerous hotels to choose from in Utila, Honduras. Majority of them are bed and breakfast or hostel style, but so much more upgraded than ones you might have experience in Europe or elsewhere. They seem like mini-resorts and they almost all have a beach!

utila beach from boat

Some things to consider when choosing a Dive & Beach Hotel in Utila:

  • Decide if you want the hotel to have both scuba diving on site and a beach
  • Choose which is more important to you if you don’t need both
  • Proximity to the beach and scuba dock
  • If no scuba on site, how far to the closest shop?
  • Location – in the hills or off the Main Road?
  • Price – all are pretty similar
  • Air conditioning in rooms – it gets muggy!
  • Restaurant or bar on site

Hotels that have BOTH Scuba & a Sandy Beach:

I visited during the Dive Fest for 1 week which hosts many scuba and hotel packages. It’s usually the last week of June.

My choice of hotel was the Pirate’s Bay Inn, it was right off the Main Road with their own, private beach. You can snorkel or scuba right off the beach. They had scuba equipment on site with their shop, Captain Morgan’s, a few blocks down. You only need to go to the shop to sign your dive agreements and if you want to shop.

utila beach from boat sunshine


Pirate’s Bay Inn has their own dive boat and the dock is right to the left of the beach. Their staff is great, hotel and scuba-wise! The hotel is 3 floors – first is mixed dorms, 2nd is private rooms with A/C and WIFI, and third is a rooftop. There is an outdoor bar and restaurant on the first floor so getting drinks and food was easy. The staff loves to host BBQ nights or fresh catch too so sometimes I didn’t even go out into town! I made lots of friends and we still keep in touch. I’ve noticed many are return customers since the atmosphere is so fun.

utila me

I think having both the scuba and beach accessible at the hotel was the best of both worlds. Through Utila, I walked and drove an ATV to other resorts to check them out. Other hotels only had a dock but no water access so that was not my preferable option. I love to dip, sit in the sand, and go in the water after my scuba activities are done for the day.

utila beach at night

Which hotel would you pick? If you know of one with both scuba and a beach that I did not list, let me know!

3 Replies to “Where to Stay in Utila, Honduras: Choosing a Dive & Beach Hotel”

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  2. A beach and access to scuba diving would certainly be a big bonus for me. I dare say air conditioning is also a must for me.

    Whilst I’m qualified as a PADI diver I’m not sure I’d be diving everyday for a full week. As a result the beach wins overall.

    1. Thanks! Everyday is a lot, but it’s so addicting! My bf went in the morning and afternoon in one day. While I was too tired to dive at 2pm, Captain Morgan’s let me come on the boat and nap on the deck while everyone went diving. Looking at the cayes is always fun enough too instead of always gearing up.

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