How To Take Photos of Yourself as a Solo Traveler – Couples and Group Shots Info Too!

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Pictures, selfies, Instragam – I love it all! Snapping away is one of my hobbies and c’mon, I can’t help myself but document the places I visit.

But how do I take photos of myself as a solo traveler? It’s not always that I have my bf or friends with me. Sometimes, I’m at a deserted place all by myself.

Here’s how I do it and how you can do it too so you never have to go searching for anyone else to help you!

1. Get a Tripod

how to selfie

This is my #1 tip. For any camera you have, look online (Amazon worked for me) and buy the matching Tripod. I got mine online for $13.99. It folded and extended to become higher or lower and fit into my purse easily. Being totally adjustable, you put your camera on and walaa. Snap away selfies or onto my #2 tip…

2. Use the 2-3-10 Second Timer!

steps selfie

We forget that our cell phones and cameras have timers. That’s how I started to take group shots of my friends as a teenager to get us all in the picture!

Set your timer on as you have the camera on the tripod, or lean it against a wall/shelf/book/anything for support. I use the 10 second timer as it gives me enough time to jump into the pic. All those cool jumping photos you may see too online? Jump at the last second to grab your shot!!

3. Angle on that Selfie

selfies are more fun

The easiest and quickest way to snap photos of yourself and others is now by The Selfie function. I love Instagram but it is the least widest camera angle so I prefer to use the regular camera app. The GoPro is great for selfies as the wide angle catches 180 degrees around you. What I also try sometimes, is to snap a photo and upload it to Instagram afterwards hoping it does not need much cropping.

Angling is key too. Holding the camera straight out will catch a great photo but try holding it upwards. It can capture more of an exciting moment and more of your outfit too!

You can always go the route of asking others to snap photos of you, but sometimes it’s too time consuming to find someone, to get their attention, or use judgements to make sure they won’t steal your camera.

Taking photos of yourself is easy. Now that I do it so often, I go off onto a beach, set my camera and tripod up, and do my own photo shoot no matter who’s looking!