Utila, Honduras – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Utila

honduras unfinished house

You may have read many of my adventures in Utila, but don’t have an overall post of what it’s like? Here we go-

Utila is one of the 3 Bay Islands off the north coast of Honduras in Central America. You may have heard of the neighboring island, Roatan, which is already popular and has direct flights. Utila is small – 7 miles by 11 miles, and has 1 main road! No cars allowed and taxi’s are gold carts – soo fun! This is island living without brand names or huge resorts.

How Do I Get There?

To get to Utila, you need to take a ferry, or two or a seaplane, or two.

Flying – Fly into San Pedro Sula Airport. Then you should already have booked tickets on the seaplanes that will take you to Utila. Sometimes you do a stop in between at La Ceiba, ($100-$200 roundtrip)

Ferry-  Take a cab to La Ceiba ($50) and the ferry from there to Utila. Ferry runs around $10.

What is There to Do?

utila beach from boat

Utila is divers’ paradise first of all. You wake up, dive, nap, dive, and so on. You have to enjoy water or food to have a good time here! If you don’t scuba, the next best activity it to snorkel, and after that to ATV around the island or go boating.

The island has roads that are dirt, so ATV’s are necessary. The only cars you will see are trucks that are necessary for construction of homes or new businesses. The local businesses are small yet there are plentiful restaurants and bars to get your party on.

Lobster season is July 1st and lasts for a few weeks, I see different reports on when the season actually ends. You can catch lobster and cook it yourself!

Buying a home? You can look at new constructions and lots for under $200k. The only trick is getting to the island from mainland Honduras.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Honduras has a semi-tropical climate, with temps in the 80’s most of the time and low’s in the 70’s. It gets  very muggy in the summer! Rainy season is usually from October-January. B

Bring lots of bug spray!

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