Getting Robbed in Nassau, Bahamas and Ending Up Passport-Less and Penny-Less!

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Probability of chance.

That’s what it all comes down to. After traveling so much and nowadays, so often, it was only a matter of time before something was going to go wrong. The more you do something, the higher the chance of it not being perfect. Same as riding the train, it’s bound to break down or delay you. The more you play the Lotto, the more chances of winning! Or to the more extreem, committing crimes or illegal activity, you’re bound to get caught. All of it is – probability.

I never had an issue except when my cell phone got stolen in DR right next to me. But besides that, nothing ever worse happened. Well, it did now. Even though I am alive and did not get hurt in the process, it was only a matter of time. I’ve heard numerous stories of others getting jewelry stolen, passports stolen, mugged, electronics taken, even inside their own hotel room. I still consider myself lucky in one sense regarding what specifically got taken from me but unlucky in another. Here’s what happened…

Pirates! Well, maybe not quite, but the Bahamas has a lot of pirate history and I kept hearing about it all weekend. Secondly, corruption was on the list. I’ve been to the Bahamas before and Nassau is very built up and touristy. Corruption does exist in a lot of places, and it’s not to say “Oh I’ll never go back there”, there are bad people everywhere, right in our own neighborhoods.

All day, it was as if the world was telling me something was pre-determined to happen to me. I thought I lost my Driver’s License in the morning only to find that it was with my flight attendant ID’s case. Whewwww. I even jinxed it that I never carry my passport with me and good thing it was my license I was worried about! At the beach, my friend said – “Grab you bag and everything” when our food was ready. When I went off to the dock, I asked my friend to hold onto my bag. I passed the prison on my way to the airpot. While driving I asked, “What’s the most commong crime- stealing?”. Like really? It was all signs of how the day was going to end. And actually, the answer to the most common crime is drug importing.

Details of how it went down– 10 minutes prior being at the airport! I was riding around with my friend and got a smoothie. It was so good and over-flowing! We decided to stop at Island Caves, a cute little parking lot with literally, a cave behind you. It was only a few yards out. Well, I admit, I fumbled with my smoothie and we cleared the console so I can leave the smoothie in the car. Totally forgot my purse and beach towel were at the end of my feet. Got out of the car, walked a few yards out. Snapped pictures, walked back. Two, three minutes max.

island caves

I saw the window looked as if a rock hit it. Still up, but cracked in a weird manner. Then I noticed it was bent outward! OMG it hit me, someone had a device that cracked the window out, but didn’t break it. Pulled the lock up and of course, took my purse right behind me. As we noticed this, a tour bus was pulling up too to the site.

Answer – Someone was staking us out. Or anyone to drive in and they were prepared with whatever device they used to so quietly get into the window. How awful. Just a few minutes ago, I had moved my Passport and Flight Attendant ID’s into my purse so it was easy to grab and go – now all gone. I knew I was not going home that night.

Not having your Passport in an international country is the worst feeling in the whole world. Especially on a Sunday when everything is closed. Needless to say, I filed the Police Report, could not fly out that day. (Customs denied giving me pre-clearance although they could have) and had to wait until Monday morning to go to the US Embassy.

The Hilton luckily charged my phone up since my phone charger was in my bag and they let me use their comps for free. I was staying with a friend who was at a work meeting and picked me up 3 hours after this.

It could have been worse – I really thought about it. What if I took my purse with me? I could have gotten mugged, hit in the head, or robbed at knife or gun point. What if I moved my purse to the trunk? Then he would have stolen more because my suitcase was in the trunk. I don’t even care about my material things, it was a Michael Kors bag but I had it for 1 year and used it everyday. It was even getting a bit run down. It was a gift. My wallet and watch, both gifts as well that I had for years. Then makeup and a phone charger, all replaceable and canceling credit cards is easy. The upsetting part was the Passport and work ID’s thinking – How will I make it out of this country and when?

I’m glad to say I made it out. The US Embassy was really great.

The address is: 42 Queen Street, right across from the British Hilton, to the right of the McDonald’s. Their phone number is (242) 322-1181 ext. 0

They got me an Emergency Passport in less than 1.5 hours and it is valid for 3 months. I get to renew for a real one for no additional fee since I had to pay $135 upfront. To my friend – thank you for lending me money because I was left credit card less and penny less from this robbery!

Got my Police Report, and got on the plane. Sad to say, two other Americans had the same fate as me, but they got robbed inside their hotel room!

Moral of the story is – always lock your bag in the trunk before you go anywhere. If I did it right there and then, they would have known to go into the trunk. Second moral – don’t keep all your ID’s in one place. I never did before, and I will always now rather go through the unorganization of having ID’s separate and pick them out at the airport to present.

It’s great to say – I just got home!

If something like this ever happens to you, go to the Police and the Embassy of your country. They’re there for these kinds of reasons. Never say you won’t return to a place because of what happened to you. It can happen anywhere, at any time. You don’t think I had occurrences at my home in NY or Poland by my familys’ home? Crazy and bad people are out there and we just have to remember to keep our eyes open. Don’t let any smoothies distract you either! And life goes on.

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