The Lightest Way To Pack for the Beach!

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Beaching may make you think you need a lot to bring, but there really is no need to pack a huge bag for the beach. Keep it small, don’t bring unnecessary item, and be safe so you don’t ruin anything unintentionally.


Here is the lightest way to pack for the beach:

– SPF – necessary, bring 1 bottle or pour some into a travel size

– Chapstick or Vaseline – for your lips so they don’t burn!

– Comb

– One ID

– One credit

– Some cash

– One camera or use your smartphone for pictures

What more do you need?

Sunglasses will mostly be on your head and a beach towel in hand, you’re ready to go. I like to throw my beach towel over my purse so it’s held under my shoulder as I walk. No need to bring your entire wallet It’s safer to leave ID’s and money at home or wherever you’re staying.

If you want to bring a change of clothes, throw in a sundress. Choose to wear sandals or flip flops that will go well if you go out to eat afterwards or a bar. You don’t need to carry a huge brush, combs are so much smaller and they will still de-tangle your hair if you get wet.

Less is more. I have overpacked for the beach so many times, and I never used more than half of the things I brought with me. One more rule of thought, sand gets everywhere. It’s easier to clean your purse, find, and keep things neat when you have less at the beach.

Do you agree with my list? Is there anything else you find necessary to bring?