Paradise Island, Bahamas – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Paradise Island

Paradise Island is super close to the capital of the Bahamas,  Nassau – it’s actually connected! No need to worry about how to reach this small island where Atlantis and other resorts exist, it’s a breeze.

How Do I Get There?

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Fly or cruise into Nassau and you have two options – you can take a car ride over the bridge into Paradise Island for $1 toll or walk the bridge! If you’re staying on Paradise Island, take the car. If staying in Nassau, go for the walk so you can enjoy the markets below the bridge for food and goods.

What is There to Do?

Well, well – Atlantis it the biggest attraction ever on the island! It takes up probably half of the island anyway before you reach the other resorts such as the Riu. If you’ve got a private villa – good for you!


You can obtain day passes from the Welcome Center. Their cost is around $100 per day to use the facilities and well worth it if you’re really going to spend all day. Waterparks, tons of pools, and different quarters to hang out provide everyone with enough space to spread out.

There is a free beach (where you can be on the actual sand) next to the Riu called Cabbage Beach. You can swim over to the waters of Atlantis there but security won’t let you get out of the water unless you pay up.

The city attractions are all mainly in Nassau so you will be going into town to see more outside the hotel grounds. Or throw your own beach party/campfire?

Climate and When to Come Visit

Bahamas has wonderful weather, and winters are in the 60’s/70’s. Summers get hot and humid during June-September. Hurricane are possible from May-November as they might wither off their endings that way and head north. Usually there is not a direct hit.

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