Happy New Year! Resolutions for Thoughts on Travel in 2015

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Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone!


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New Years’ is like a new beginning. It’s as if we have a blank slate and get to start over, even though we’ll probably be doing a lot of the same things that we are today. The feelings that come with a new year are the best part – rejuvenation and awakening for me that is. I feel that every year, life is going to get better. And usually, it does. The bumps are in the road within life always exist and resolutions are formed which sometimes do last, and sometimes not.

I have some travel inspiration and resolutions to share with you, I hope they fancy you and please do take these to heart:

– Stick to taking a real vacation – no more staycations! Being home from work is not a real vacation.

– Pick a place, and go there by the end of 2015!

– Stop procrastinating or finding reasons to not travel

– Stop saying it’s so expensive – it’s not. Haven’t you looked at all the travel sites and deals that exist?

– Do it for you, or do it for someone else – gf, bf, family, friends, etc. You’ll enjoy yourself either way.

– If you have trouble saving, start that piggy bank or throw all your change into a jar.

– Stop thinking or listening to people who say you can’t travel when you have kids or a family. It’s so narrow minded and false.

– Find someone to watch the kids if you have to – again, it’s possible.

– Go to a local spot. Resorts are great, but you don’t get the full experience if you never leave the hotel grounds.

– Show courtesy and don’t say or think “I’m never going back here because ____” or “I will never with ____”. Shit happens everywhere such as hurricanes, crime, accidents, etc. and it can happen in your own neighborhood or another place.

Happy 2015 and Happy Travels!



3 Replies to “Happy New Year! Resolutions for Thoughts on Travel in 2015”

  1. megan Tilley says:

    Great resolutions! Trips are so much fun!

  2. I don’t know, I would only have a bit of rollover but always have a trip planned to use them for!

  3. Awesome resolutions. You’re right, staying home from work is not a vacation. I’m so surprised at the number of people freaking out at the end of the year about their left over vacation days. How do you even have left over vacation days?

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