Top 10 Islands to Visit in 2015

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2015 is here and so are plenty of lists of the top places, cities, or countries to travel to in 2015. Reading through the “Top Lists” from Forbes, CNN, Lonely Planet, and more – there are a  lot of amazing places out there without a doubt. I don’t know exactly how they pick which destination makes the list (asking travel bloggers is only part of it), but I have seen a similarity in places mentioned.

Welcome to the edition of “The Top 10 Islands to Visit in 2015”! Combined with my own feedback, destinations wanting to be visited  from day-to-day travelers out there, and a simultaneous result from other world lists, time to get out of those pants (or panties) and get a bikini on:

1. Singapore 

Amazing Singapore 2

The Golden Jubilee is being held in Singapore in 2015 so celebrations will be ongoing. This is the 50th anniversary for the people of Singapore when they became one and a better island country. Plus, it’s another destination in Asia that is budget friendly yet not overheard of to visit.

2. Sri Lanka 

Sunrise at Millabedda, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka keeps popping up in conversations and it’s not surprising why. It’s an island located south of India, in the shape of a distorted heart I would say. As India has been becoming the talk of travel, so has its’ neighbor, Sri Lanka. Think going back 50 years before high rise hotels have taken over.

3. The Big Island, Hawaii

Kona Sunset with Maui in the distance

Maui and Honolulu always hit the lists of the Top anything, but the Big Island is not to be forgotten. Kona is inviting and so are many of the volcanoes and black sand beaches on the island. Do you follow Alison Teal of Alison’s Adventures ? She grew up there and hey, maybe you’ll run into her or sign up for one of her mothers’ popular yoga classes.

4. Puerto Rico 

Fluid Dynamics

If you’re a US Citizen and have not been to Puerto Rico yet, it’s time to go! Flights are only getting cheaper and cheaper and more rentals are popping up in San Juan and Condado. It is paradise 3 hours away from most of the East Coast, time to jet off and experience more of its’ islands such as Culebra and Vieques while you’re down there too.

5. Belize – Cayes

Caye Caulker, Belize

Looking for a destination in Central America that is exciting  but already gone to Costa Rica and Nicaragua? Head to Belize and its’ cayes. It might be a bit harder to get to and involve taking a seaplane, but the party goes on by the reefs, the Blue Hole, and the towns off the mainland. US dollar is 1:2 conversion rate also so you get more for your buck!

6. Iceland 

Vik, Iceland

Did you read a lot of travel blogs or articles on Iceland? The island speaks for itself and while it’s not tropical by any means, it is a wonderland. Glaciers, volcanoes, and the Blue Lagoon cannot be missed. Check out those cute Icelandic horses too!

7. Bora Bora 

Bora Bora

Looking for a Pacific Island? Bora Bora never disappoints and it has not disappointed anyone yet that I know of. Solo, as a couple, or as friends – head off to and book yourself an overwater bungalow. Watch “6 Days, 7 Nights” to remind yourself of the beauty of Tahiti and dance with the locals.

8. Maldives 

The Island - V.Fulidhoo (Maldives)

As our seas continue to rise, the Maldives will not be around forever. Their time of existence is hard to say, but every year is another year lost of the chance that they might be gone! Pray for no typhoon or nearby tsunami and that these beloved Maldives never disappear. They are one a kind with their low sea-level islands, white sands, sand cays, and a specialty in the Indian Ocean.

9. Mauritius

Off the east coast of Africa, lies Mauritius. Many of you don’t know or have never heard of it, but it’s there and it is one of the top African islands to visit. Mauritius is gaining popularity, especially to Europeans. Get on the bang wagon, or the plane may I say, and head over to this African escape!

10. Greek Islands


After so many Santorini sunsets, postcards, TBEX, and reviews in general of Greece, the islands continue to be a hot spot. The more I see of it, the more I want to go. Pictures of it will never be bad and neither will the souvlaki. European, historic, and romantic. I’d take myself in a second.

Do you have other recommendations for the Top Islands to Visit in 2015 list? Share below and your thoughts, I’d love to hear them!