Things I Did Not Like About Atlantis, Bahamas

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Atlantis is one of the best known resorts in the world, with a very high reputation. Located on Paradise Island, right over the bridge from Nassau, Bahamas, it’s one of the top resorts to stay at.

So why am I saying I did not particularly like Atlantis?


To every great resort out there, they may be perfect to many travelers and not 100% fulfilling to others. To put my opinion out there and help others decide whether you want to stay there or visit for a one day pass, here’s what I thought :

1. Atlantis is all tourists.

Very true to what I witnessed and it makes sense right? A local would not go there for fun since they have their own local spots. It’s a combonation of so many Americans an Europeansd. I prefer being around locals or at least seeing them on my beach and there was none of that here due to the high security. Compared to the local beach, Atlantis did not feel like the Bahamas and there was not much culture at all to ezperience. It just felt like a 5 star American resort.

2. Big, yet too big?


Atlantis is huge. There are so many different towers you can choose to stay in from the beginning, the Cove, the Reefs, etc. But Is there such a thing as too big? I found it to be a hike to get around a lot of it. The beaches are where I want to be so being on a chair out in the sand, the bar and restrooms were quite the walk. I like closer corners, with quicker to access service.

3. Pricey

Of course Atlantis comes with its’s price tag and cheer to those who don’t have a budget. The difference between drinks and foods on the resort as per off the resort is really a great difference. I ate off the resort for a bigger quantity of a meal, and a more average price tag.

For those of you who visited, is there anything you did not like about Atlantis? Wait to here on my next post of what I did love about the resort!

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