Borocay Island, Philippines – Island Talk Tuesday

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Take a mental break over to Borocay Island in the Philippines!

About Borocay


Borocay is one of the best known islands in the Philippines to go for a vacation. It is gorgeous and tropical and able to be visited on a super budget for everyone. It tops many of the travel sites out there.

How Do I Get There?

Borocay is located close to Manila, maybe ~300 kilometers off the coast. You can take a 1 hour connecting flight from Manila or from Cebu. From the USA, there are multiple direct flights into Manila.

What is There to Do?

Borocay Beach Landscape

Take a visit to White Beach, where the sand truly is white and not exaggerated! Borocay is known for super relaxation, so anywhere on the beach is a good spot to unwind. Willy’s Rock is another great spot to see for its’ volcanic formation.

Wind-surfing is popular in Borocay and the annual Asian Windsurfing Tour is helfd there. Check out Dragon Boat Races too. Bulabog Beach has high waves for surfing.

There is a festival often and if there is not one, the bars and restaurants stay open to serve until dawn. You won’t have an issue finding a party at night. Lots of cultures mix in Borocay so you will find foods from all over the world, as well as people from all over.

The best part – you can find accommodations for as little as $17 per night or up to $300 per night for luxury!

Climate and When to Come Visit

Borocay stays hot year-round, it will almost never drop under 80 degrees Farenheit. In terms of dry and wet climates, the months of June-Septemeber experience the most rain.

Be cautious of reports of typhoons or cyclones. It’s all in the winds to cause storms.