Things I Loved About Atlantis, Bahamas

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As a comeback to my previous post on things I did not like about Atlantis, I wanted to share the positives and enjoyable moments of my Atlantis-filled experience. There’s always two sides to a story, so here’s what I did like:

1. The Architecture

atlantis gardens

It blew my mind! I have to say, I don’t think I have ever been on resort grounds so beautifully designed. The walls, the gardens, the small cay ponds…it all really surprised me. Definitely so far the best designed resort I have ever been in.

2. The Beaches

I may have said “too big?” before, but I am a total beach lady if you know me by now. There were so many beaches to walk down to and across. Especially, the cove shape beaches – they are my favorite seeing how the shore wraps around. The water was clear too and serene to watch at sunset.

3. Welcoming Service

atlantis lobby

What you pay is what you get, and I got exceptional service. Everyone welcomed me whenever I entered a room, asked if I needed anything, and everyone else seemed happy too. I feel like I did not hear one person complaining or waiting for a drink, the service was up-scale.

If I stayed longer than 1 day, I would definitely have more to write about. But sometimes, all you need is the 1st impression and a few hours to make your mind up about what you liked, or did not like.

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