Beach Hopping Options Near Santiago, Chile

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So I just introduced you to the beach of Viña del Mar in Chile, which is rated as the #1 beach to visit if you’re traveling near the capital of Santiago. Viña del Mar has it all, and there are other nearby beaches to visit if you don’t want to stick to just one.

For beach-hopping along the central Chile coast, check out these other top beaches:

1. Valparaíso

Valparaiso BeachValparaíso is located just south of Viña del Mar so you can travel to both these beaches in one day if you like! The main attraction is the Old Town which is in center of the city. Reports say the outskirts don’t have much to see, but you can definitely find places to take photos of yourself alone with great ocean views. The length of travel is about the same as from Santiago to Viña – 90 minutes.

2. Isla Negra

111 Isla Negra

“Black beach” as so it is translated, is more on the south-western end of Chile’s coast. The beach is small, but very cozy for a picnic. The main attraction to see if Casa Museo Isla Negra, which is the house of Pablo Neruda. He fills the home with different antiques and items from all over the world, such as figureheads from ships. Buses from Santiago will leave you 5 minutes past the main highway where you can find all the shops and food you need. It is only about a 2 hour drive east.

3. Algarrobo


Algarrobo is a bit closer and north of Playa Negra. The biggest swimming pool at San Alfonso del Mar is located there right off the beach too – take a look!

Windsurfing is possible here due to the waves! Double check you don’t stumble onto a private beach by mistake as there are some luxurious buildings with designated beach areas. Trip is only 2 hours by bus from Santiago.

4. La Serena

Atardecer en La Serena / Dusk in La Serena

Le Serena is a total beach town – not much of a city at all as compared to Valparaíso or Viña del Mar. It’s just a bit more north, ok maybe ~ 7 hours total drive north,  but it’s an up and coming destination.  Fun fact – it’s the second oldest settlement in Chile!

There is a penguin National Reserve that is a popular half-day trip option. Visit for 2 days or a short weekend and enjoy the ride as you view more of Chile! There are buses leaving several times per day from Santiago. If you prefer to spend more time on the beach, it’s a 1 hour flight.

Where else would you go beach exploring in Chile?