Top Things to Do at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

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When I arrived to San Francisco, I knew the first place I was going to go (besides my hotel) was Fisherman’s Wharf. Yes, it is touristy, but I loved it! It was not anything close to Times Square and there were so many things there that I wanted to see and do.


Fisherman’s Wharf did not disappoint – I would go back in a heartbeat. It might be since I love the water so much. I didn’t go in since it was too cold, but the sun was beaming down with 60 degrees Farenheit and that was enough for me.

My day was spent there before attending the Pre-Party for the The Women’s Travel Fest – here’s what I recommend to see and do, even if you only have a few hours:

1. Get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge


When you arrive here, you cannot pass seeing a view of the Golden Gate Bridge which is very wide to say the least! I enjoyed it from east of Aquatic Park down Hyde Street Pier. You can rent a bicycle and get a closer look also. It was really windy the day I was there so I decided to skip out on that since my hair was all over the place.

2. Go to the beach

Aquatic Park, right at the west end of Fisherman’s Wharf has a cove beach where you can go swim, have a picnic, or grab a seat in the park just to be.

3. Go Wine Tasting

Leaving the park, you enter the busy streets of what begins Fisherman’s Wharf. Head to Winery Collective and taste some delish Californian wines in their tasting room. There are about 8 flights to choose from, ranging from $15-$20. So good! Plus the staff is so nice.

Other options include Wattle Creek Winery, Wines of California Wine Bar at Pier 39. If you prefer beer, go to Beer 39 for beer tasting.

4. Take the ride to Alcatraz, or get pictures at least!


Alcatraz, the famous prison where many fled and were never found, is located just yards north of Fisherman’s Wharf! Take a boat over, but you need to book at least 90 days in advance since tickets sell out. Use online services to book, such as or

5. Grab some In-N-Out Burger 
Unless you’re a vegetarian, how can you pass this up? I went in just for 1 cheeseburger to satisfy my craving, and then had to move on to some seafood. Get a whole meal, or just a taste cuz it’s that good.

6. Grab some seafood or other food down the waterfront
Wherever you end up wanting to eat, there are so many restaurants to choose from lined up and down the waterfront. Many piers have restaurants towards the end where you can get another view for the sunset or boats.

I decided on the open crab face sandwich at Eagle Cafe down Pier 39. They had happy hour too for $4 Samuel Adams, $5 Margaritas and I think shots too… It was not too crowded and they had some interesting twists on seafood there. $1.50 oysters were available too!

7. Take a seat and see east of San Fran

Walk down to the east end of Fisherman’s Wharf, past Pier 39, and grab a view of the Bay Bridge as well as mainland California where you can see Oakland and Berkeley. People watch, read a book, take in some relaxation time for yourself.

Fisherman’s Wharf is totally worth visiting – what else would you recommend?


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  2. The wine tasting room sounds fab! Beach front wine tasting, almost!

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