My Favorite New Travel Device – This is How You Keep Your Electronic Charged Up! TBEX-ers, This is a Good Thing to Have

I’m not huge on electronics – I have what I need which includes a laptop, a tablet, cell phone, camera, and underwater camera. What more do I need?

Well, for Christmas I recently got something that I don’t know how I lived without beforehand!


Welcome to life owning a Portable Charger – it charges my phone without needing an outlet. It can charge my phone up to full battery 3x! It really saves my life when GPS-ing if I forget my car charger, having a long day and still going out during dinnertime, or during a travel conference when I am tweeting or uploading to social media non-stop.

My handy charger comes with me 24/7 nowadays. Some days I don’t need it but it’s good to have as a back-up. It will definitely help me out a ton during any social media trips and will be getting quite the use out of it at TBEX.

The model I own is a Jackery, which is $35 on Amazon. There are many other models, so be sure to read what model cell phones they fit as they’re not all-for-one chargers.

I love the Jackery! If you own a portable charger as well, add a comment on which one and how you like it.


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  1. This is cool! My husband just got me one, intocircuit, but it is bigger and can even charge my laptop. Looking forward to putting it to good use at TBEX Costa Brava!

    1. Cool, you’re all set too!

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