Experiencing Paradise at the Fairmont Princess Scottsdale Resort in Arizona

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Arizona is a huge piece of paradise to discover widely. From desert to pools to lakes, you have many options to choose from.

I am happy to say that I was able to experience a resort stay at the Fairmont Princess Scottsdale and I found my perfect slice of paradise there.

pool 2

I had looked into staying at a Fairmont resort beforehand, but never got to doing so. I know my fellow blogger friends at Justin Plus Lauren stayed at the Fairmont Hamilton in Bermuda which looked amazing and only got me more excited for Arizona! ( I have eye-d that resort forever and ever too)

I had a blast at Fairmont, so if you’re scouting out options in Arizona, I can highly recommend the Fairmont Princess Scottsdale.

About Fairmont Princess Scottsdale

The Fairmont Princess Scottsdale resort is located in Northern Scottsdale, only about 20-25 minutes from downtown. This is great because the resort has 65 acres – 65! So of course they need the room.

lobby 1

The resort is secluded from outsiders but the drive is not boring at all toward the resort. You pass mountain ranges, desert, and even a cute community in which the Fairmont Princess is located. Driving there was easy via GPS, never lost a signal! The valet men were always so kind to me, they made me feel like a rockstar. Once you enter through Fairmonts’ gates, you won’t want to leave!

Paradise Activities and More…

The Fairmont Princess Scottsdale is a 5 Star Resort and I did not think I would be disappointed at all. I was not! From the staff who knew who I was (as a blogger) and those who did not, everyone provided me with excellent service and were so in sync with their timing and their functions at the resort. I never waited long for anything, only saw smiles around, and generally all the other guests at the resort appeared to be having a blast! Happiness attracts more happiness.


Here are the main attractions at the Fairmont Princess Scottsdale, on its 65 acres of land:

  • 2 Pools
  • Cabana Rentals
  • Well & Being Spa
  • Lagoon
  • Golf Course
  • Tennis courts
  • 5 restaurants plus in-room dining
  • Fragrance Garden
  • 3 Gift Shopspool n hot tub



Plus, there are numerous areas to find peace & quiet, relaxation, rejuvenation, or privacy. Throughout the resort you will find many areas with outdoor and indoor couches, chairs, tables, or sitting spots.


I loved that I can find myself alone within a resort that has over 600 rooms and is booked for the month!


I will write more about my specific experiences within the resorts’ attractions so look out for those posts. It’s hard to say what my favorite was (besides lounging at the pool); I might have to go with the Well & Being Spa – there’s a lot of outdoor space and outdoor water areas which you’ll have to find out more on soon!

Deluxe Rooms Over the Lagoon

The Fairmont Princess Scottsdale has 649 rooms – from deluxe rooms to casitas, you have your share. I was thrilled that I got a deluxe King Bedroom facing the Lagoon – you know I’m all about the water views! Ducks came by the edge of the pool constantly.


My room was massive and even if I had a second person, it would still be so much room! The bathroom was beautiful – double vanity, separate waterfall like shower, separate bathtub – and the toilet was in a separate room within the bathroom!



The main area included the bed which I enjoyed jumping into – so comfortable with numerous pillows which only made my nap better!

A stocked fridge and the balcony! Fresh air flew right in and I was able to enjoy a quiet, yet intimate view of the lagoon, golf course, and the mountains in the distance.

lagoon 2

Inside the bedroom were so many items, it did not fall short – desk, table, lamps, flatscreen on the wall, power outlets, Keurig, etc. One of my favorite pieces was this bedside table.

bedside table

Besides being treated well and enjoying the room and water activities, I really enjoyed the restaurants El Toro (Latin American) and La Hacienda (Mexican). The menu items were unique and delish! My tummy misses them. I had a  friend over who lives in the area, Mapping Megan, and we got to try a tequila flight with our Mexican dinner.

Don’t miss the rattlesnake head in this photo!

snake dinner

One of a kind!

All in all, I know the Fairmont Princess Scottsdale was the biggest resort I’ve ever stayed in, and the one with the best service. Checking in and checking out was a breeze. So was getting my rental car, which is highly recommended as cabbing is more expensive.

palm az

It truly was a desert paradise come true!

This post is sponsored in collaboration with Fairmont Princess Scottsdale – Thank you for hosting me and showing me not only your oasis within the desert but for also showing me what a Fairmont resort experience is. Five stars all the way in paradise!


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