Long Island, Ireland – Island Talk Tuesday

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Heading down to Cork in Ireland? There are plenty of beaches to discover there. Some of the coast is jagged due to the ocean and other parts are perfect for sailing or cruising.

An easy trip off shore is to Long Island (not NY) but in Ireland! Don’t confuse which “Long Island” you’re visiting when you research, the name is used for many locations around the world. Read on to find out more about Long Island in Ireland:

About Long Island

long island house

Long Island is an easy escape. It is located near the village of Schull where you can decide to relax or go back and forth between the city. If you’re looking for relaxation, stay on this island. It is reported as “unspoiled” and it sure sounds that way.

How Do I Get There?

Head into Schull and take a 10 minute boat ride on Cape Clear  into Long Island. It’s only 16 Euros round-trip!

What is There to Do?

Oíche Nollaig ag Port Arthur **** Christmas Eve at Port Arthur Beach

The White Tower Lighthouse is the main highlight of the island. Find it at the eastern end of the island.

There are many abandoned cottages and ruins to see. There are walking paths everywhere.

Did you know the permanent population of this island is only 6? Find yourself a quiet spot anywhere and picnic, enjoy the sights, and take in where you are.

Climate and When to Come Visit

The summer months actually get a bit crowded (July through September). If you’re looking for the hottest temps, come during those months.

If you’re looking to relax more and still enjoy finer weather, come September through October or in June.