9 Stunning Sunsets in Curaçao

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Last week I spent my time enjoying the most stunning and perfect weather in Curaçao, an island in the Southern Caribbean. Located in between Aruba and Bonaire, it lies out of the hurricane belt zone and nearly never has cloudy or rainy days!

More to come on my adventures in Curaçao, but first and foremost I needed to share that the sunsets are the best I have seen! All the resorts and majority of the hotels/accommodations lie on the south-western coast of Curaçao, therefore getting a view of the sun setting in the west is always easy.

Time spent looking out into the water at these sunsets were never wasted – eyes wide open, drink in hand, and so happy I was in Curaçao at the moment:

sunset 6




curacao sunset 1

curacao sunset 2

curacao sunset 3

curacao 8

sunset 2


sunset 4

Aren’t these amazing sunsets? Love me some Curaçao!

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  1. These are gorgeous and making me wish I was somewhere other than work! Do you mind if I share this on Friday (each Friday I post text links to awesome things). Either way, thanks for sharing!

    I stopped by from Blogging on the Side Group.

    1. Sure Jessy! I’m glad you love them..I want to go back to the beach so badly.

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