Caletas Island, Mexico – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Caletas Islands

Beach at Old Puerto Vallarta

Caletas Islands are closely located to the city of Puerto Vallarta, on the western coast of Mexico. It is popular for day and night excursions for those staying on the mainland and offers numerous activities for beach travelers.

How Do I Get There?

From Puerto Vallarta, there are many day and night cruises that take you to Caletas Islands.  Vallarta Adventures offers many options, one of the most popular being “Rhythms of the Night”.

What is There to Do?

Caletas Islands is a great retreat beach travelers and beach lovers. During the day, you can enjoy the white, sandy beaches. At night, you can opt for a “booze cruise’ accompanied by a show and candlelight dinner on the beach. Snorkeling is highly recommended  as well as climbing into a hammock. Go to the Hilltop Spa Center for some pampering while you’re there before or after the water activities.

For more water fun, rent a kayak to take for a ride, paddleboard, or scuba tanks.

A truelly ethnic experience is the Rhythms of the Night cruise, where you watch a Cirque de Soleil like show and learn about the culture and beliefs of the locals.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Best time to visit Las Coletas is January through April for the most sunshine. May through October is hurricane season. Weather might disrupt cruise and transportation to the islands.