Shore Diving at Little Knip, Curaçao

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Curaçao screams shore diving!

Whether you’re a regular diver or one who wants to try it, Curaçao is one of the best and easiest islands in the world to do so. The waters are very calm so you do not have to worry about waves. The best part is that you can dive from the shore – no boat needed!


Little Knip is one of the most famous beaches in Curaçao, located next to Great Knip which you see featured in majority of the Curaçao pictures. It is a bit smaller, but similar in layout with beach chairs, picnic tables, and cliffs on both ends.

Shore diving from Little Knip is easy. Strap on your fins and head for the water! The cliffs underwater fall more than 100 feet. I dove to 110 feet which was my deepest dive ever! Remember, Curaçao is a volcanic island, which is why there is no end to the ocean underneath.

The corals are beautiful and compared to the other 5 dive sites I dove in, this one was my favorite.




Paddling back into the sunset was something I had never done before! If you can, take a shore dive around 530pm-6pm and come up as the sun is setting. You will get a view like never before!


Where have you shore dove in Curaçao?

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