Tips on SPF’s to Choose for Beaches and Outdoors

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Whether it’s summer or winter, it is advisable that one wear an SPF on their face and body. For protection purposes for the sun is the most obvious reason. There are many health risks involved nowadays and effects on our body that we will not see until we age.

I use SPF every single time I am out on the beach. Having a little bit of a scare of skin cancer (it was not, I just have a lot of moles) it only reminds me how important it is to do so.

beach cricket...

You will still get tan!

These are my recommendations when choosing an SPF for you and your body:


It doesn’t get easier than this and you are protected when in the water. Instead of having sunscreen drip down your face in the water, choose a waterproof SPF. If you are prone to a lot of sweating, this is also a good reason to go with such a lotion or spray.

Spray or Lotion?

If you don’t like SPF, or get picky, due to the consistency it is in – take a look. You have choices of sprays or lotions. Oils don’t count in my opinion. They will not give you protection and will make you feel icky.

Choosing a spray will make it easier to catch all those spots that are hard to catch when traveling alone. Lotions you can pack into travel-size containers on the other hand. Either one, make sure you have enough and extra to lather up several time when out in the sun.

Three Way Protection

What exactly is 3-way protection?

SPF 30 Baby!

It includes: UVA/UVB protection, and is waterproof and sweatproof.

Sweatproof! That is a new addition to some SPF’s. Be sure to check out Banana Boat which has these type of SPF’s available. These are perfect for someone who is very active in the sun and working up a sweat constantly.

I personally love Banana Boat products. They always feel clean on my skin without too much buildup.

What’s your preference of SPF?