Five Top Things to Do at Lloret de Mar Beach, Spain

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Spain has almost 5,ooo kilometers of coastline. Nine of those beautiful kilometers are in Lloret de Mar, a beach neighborhood on the south-eastern coast.

I visited Lloret de Mar last week specifically for the TBEX blogging event. A conference in a beach city got me double excited besides exploring this region and networking. It was beautiful and I got to explore a lot of the coast!

More will come on Lloret de Mar, but for now, let me start you off with the top 5 things to do at the beach in downtown Lloret de Mar:

1. Eat Tapas and Drink Flowery Cocktails


Lloret de Mar has restaurants lined up and down the coastline. Whether you choose to sit in the sandy areas on the beach or enjoy a meal from across the boardwalk, the choices run endless. Spain is now for their tapas so endure and when you’re there, have one of these tall cocktails to share with friends!


2. Go for a Catamaran Ride

On the boardwalk near Town Hall and the center of the beach, you will find many huts offering cruises or different boat rides. I like cruising in the water in every way but I especially experienced a catamaran ride with Cat Sensations.


All boats pull up onto the beach and staff make it easy to get on board. The staff at Catamaran Sensations were friendly and fun – making me and the entire group dance and shake our bodies!

The ride took us to see a lot of sights – Lloret from the ocean, other nearby beaches, towns, and even some castles.

Parking at the cove was my favorite part. Look how green the water is!

cove  catamaran

3. Visit La Caleta and D’En Plaja Castle

Follow the beach and boardwalk to La Caleta, a small cove right next to Lloret de Mar Beach. You can enjoy fishing, going for a canoe ride, or getting some scenic shots and selfies of Lloret de Mar.

la coleta

As the beach ends, you will see a walkway that follows the shoreline and leads you to the D’En Plaja Castle. It has become one of the symbols of Lloret de Mar and resembles a medieval castle, such as the ones you see in movies. It was built in the 1930’s. You can walk for miles into other coastal towns, but make sure you reserve a whole day for that. Do not forget your camera for unforgettable shots!

4. Stroll West and East for the Beaches Walk

beach walk

In either direction you go, go along the Beaches Walk. Passing by La Caleta brings you all the way to Canyelles beach. If you head west, the road will take you to Santa Cristina Beach. The entire walk will take you 3-4 hours.

west side lloret de mar

5. Mingle, Dance, and Make New Friends

Become social at Lloret de Mar beach. There are people from all over the world – France, Poland, Slovakia, Dubai, USA, Turkey etc.

It is normal for people to be out until 6am. Take a siesta and go out for the night or if you like to sleep in, families stay out on the beach and boardwalk until 10pm-11pm. It is relaxing to enjoy the sunset or have an early dinner.

There were multiple times when people came up to me and striked up a conversation. It’s easy! If you’re really into partying, check out the discotecas.

east lloret de mar sunset


What else do you love about Lloret de Mar beach?

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