Top Four Reasons to Explore Spain’s Coast Now

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Spain is always a good destination to consider, no matter what month and frankly, no matter what day it is. The country exhibits comfortable weather for majority of its regions throughout the year. There is always something occurring in the big cities and local towns. The history is there and the people are friendly. Also, did you ever hear anyone say they did NOT like Spain? I didn’t think so but if you did, please share what it was!

If you’re thinking of visiting Spain, now is one of the best times to go. Better than ever actually! Head to Madrid, Barcelona or anywhere in between. I always prefer the coast so let me get right to it.

Here are my top reasons on why you should visit Spain’s Coast right now:

Perfect Weather

When I visited in April, the weather was great but the nights could have been warmer. The water could have felt less chilly. All of that changes in May. The temperatures kick up a notch but it makes a huge difference. Jumping off that catamaran will be easier and so will be swimming in Spain’s romantic coves. You might still need a light sweater, but you can probably get away with enjoying the cool breeze on your arms. The beginning of June is also recommended before the hot summer days arrive. Complaints of it being “too hot” start to arise but then again, it’s all within your preference.

EURO is low!

That’s right. You probably have heard in the news that the Euro has dropped in value. Spain was always a more “budget friendly ” destination to begin with, but now it is even easier to make your dollar stretch longer. Stay for less, spend and get more, sign up for that extra tour or excursion because you can do so more comfortably now. Staying in a beach hotel right on the beach starts around 55 Euros per night. I stayed at the Hotel Marsol in Lloret de Mar – 46 Euros for a single one person room which included breakfast and tax! If you double up, or come with a family, you can really find a good deal. Prices for accommodations begin to rise end of June into July for peak season prices.

Beaches are Not Crowded ….Yet
Visit Spain before the craziness of summer hits! So many travelers come during the months of July or August because it’s the popular time to take “vacation” in their home countries and bring their children along. Schools are out so unless you don’t mind the possibility of a lot of kids or youngin’s around, get to the beach before they do. It will much more romantic now if you are traveling as a couple, more quiet, and it will be quicker food and drinks service at the beach bars.

There are 9 holidays to celebrate throughout in May! Three of those 9 holidays are within Madrid and Barcelona, but the others are country wide or specifically along the coasts. Celebrate Whit Sunday and Day of the Canaries. Come end of May and stay for Corpus Cristi which falls often then or in the beginning of June. Check the date every year as it changes.

When in Spain, it is always a good time for seafood. Grab those prawns and tapas no matter what month you come.

Will you visit Spain soon? When do you prefer to go?