My Top 3 Tips on How to Travel to Paradise on a Budget

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Many people think that traveling to paradise costs a lot of money. The thought that it is expensive is a broad way of thinking when it comes to islands and all those beautiful ocean-front resorts. But it does not always ring true.

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Traveling to paradise is possible, even to the most “considered expensive” destinations such as Bermuda, St. Tropez, Fiji, Maldives, or Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. You can get to paradise on your budget. It’s all within how YOU decide to plan your vacation. You’re in control of your trip and how much you want to spend.

I have traveled, and continue to travel, to many islands and beach destinations in the world. I don’t spend hundreds of dollars each time I go either. The other day, a man was telling me that he usually spends $5,000-$6,000 per a 7 day vacation in the Caribbean. Now I do not know how money this man has and if he does spend this so casually, but that is a lot of money. Unless you can splurge like that and you have a crazy good salary, paradise does not cost that much.

I will be writing many more posts on how to make travel to paradise possible, but for now, here are my top 3 tips:

1. Consider all Possible Accommodations 

When planning to a tropical or beach destination, look at all the options for where you can stay. It is so easy to stick to the name brand resorts, such as Marriott or Occidental or Riu. These may be great options in certain locations but in others, you can probably find a full apartment style accommodation for less.

Go beyond the travel apps and websites. Conduct Google searches using the keywords “accommodations in ___” . Search for other options such as bed and breakfasts, inns, apartment rentals, and definitely go onto Airbnb, VRBO, and If you’re looking for super budget and don’t care where you sleep, look into hostels, tents or Couchsurfing. You can find different options with different rates. It will open your eyes to how much there really exists out there when it comes to looking for a place to stay.

2. Grocery Shop and Pack Food

I don’t mean in doing this before your trip, but do it during your trip. Before you land in your destination, make sure you know where the nearest grocery store is or if you need to make one stop to load up the first day you arrive. I have done both and it depends again on your destination and proximity to grocery stores.

You can not only save money, but make better meals for yourself if you buy groceries to make your own breakfast, have snacks accessible, make your own drinks to pre-game with, or even go as far to have appetizers at your accommodation. I always go for eggs, rolls, cheese and bacon for breakfast. It lasts and you can make eggs so many different ways. Buy at least 2 water bottles to fill up throughout your stay.  Mixers for drinks are a good way to not only have cocktails of your choice without spending more at a bar, but also to quench your thirst. I always like to spend the most out at dinner, as I feel like it’s more of an experience to go out in the evening and that meal is my biggest.

3. Check for Extra Fees

Many times, travelers will not look into what costs them extra or how much “extra” money to do what they want to do. Check if tax is included in your price for accommodations, including any city taxes or room fees. See if you have to pay an entry tax or visa tax when traveling. Check to see if tipping is a custom of the culture and who expects a tip. For excursions, do the same research. Do not rely on asking a question and getting possibly ripped off. Know what you should pay or the average rate. Also, always exchange your money beforehand and bring a credit card handy if you prefer to save cash.

For more tips on how to travel to paradise, ask me!