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Taboga is a small island paradise lies only 1 hour away from Panama City. If you’re staying near the Panama Canal, look into a day trip to this nearby island destination.

About Taboga
Taboga Island is an island in Panama which is very commonly mistaken with Tobago the island country. Similarly written, Taboga in Panama is much smaller, quieter, and peaceful escape for those visiting Panama City. Named the “Island of the Flowers”, there are plentiful flowers that grow on the island and give it its name.

How Do I Get There?
Getting to Taboga is easy, although transportation does not run frequently. Catch the Calypso ferry from the Amador Causeway which is about a $12 taxi ride from the city. The ferry usually runs at 8:30am to take passengers to Taboga. It returns at 4:30pm to transfer people back to the mainland. Check here for the schedule or call in case of inclement weather. Tickets cost $14 roundtrip. It is about a 1 hour ride each way.

For those travelers looking for a faster ride, you can take the speedboat from Mogo Mogo ferry located next to Balboa Yacht Club . The ride is about 20 minutes for less money. Websites say $16 but I met travelers who have told me they paid $8 each. Confirm the prices before you pay.

What is There to Do?
The main attraction on the island are the beaches. During low tide, they are calm turquoise with small waves and a sandbar that you can walk! In high tide, the sandbar disappears and waves can get choppy as the beach sits on the edge of the island. You can see the beaches as you arrive on the ferry. Chairs with umbrellas rent for $15 per the day.
Besides beaching, visit the village. Walk to the left as you exit off the ferry and you will find the homes of locals, churches, restaurants, bars, and places to for going on a boat ride. I recommend Calaloo Beach Fishbar & Grill. If you want to stay on the island, there are private vacation rentals and villas available. Try Balboa beer too while you’re there!
For nature lovers, take different hiking trails through the jungle. Go bird watching and do take a look at the flowers on the island!

Climate and When to Come Visit
Dry season runs from January through April. Visiting May through November is possible, but do check if there is a hurricane or storm warning. The ferries might not run due to weather and safety concerns. There is more chance of rain during the months of June through October and hurricane watches.


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